BoardSpot provides simple easy to use board management tools

BoardSpot's simple robust board management tools empower your board to spend its time achieving goals, not setting them. 

Powerful Meetings

BoardSpot's meeting tools provide a simple interface to create, manage, and record meetings. From the meeting interface you can directly email all attendees, track meeting minutes, create agendas, and more. 

Meaningful Members

Add, move, remove, and edit members on the fly. We understand that organizations are constantly changing, and the face of their board is no exception. Quickly and easily add board members committee affiliations, archive board members when their terms have expired, or simply update the details that make them unique.

Governing Documents

Effective governance starts with an informed board. With BoardSpot, each board member has fingertip access to all the most important documents 24/7.

Gone are the days of digging through old emails or cumbersome file trees to find the right version of that one document.

Keeping your documents organized is a key to keeping your organization on track. Keeping them safe can be even more imperative. Our simple documents system makes sure your governing documents, and anything else you need to share is always accessible to members who need to see it, and protected from those who don't.

Dynamic Committees

Committees get the work done, and BoardSpot empowers committees to stay organized and on task with committee specific documents, meetings, and members. Easily switch members on and off of committees, without missing a step.