Ten Governing Documents Every Board Member Needs

All nonprofit board members hold important legal responsibilities as fiduciaries of the organizations that they serve. As a nonprofit board member, how can you ensure you have all necessary and important information to make decisions? Use this list as a starting point for the key documents every board member should be familiar with and have easy access to.

  1. Articles of Incorporation – The Articles of Incorporation establish the entity and identify its purpose
  2. Bylaws – The Bylaws establish how the Board of Directors govern the entity
  3. Policy Manual – The Policy Manual establishes operational detail on how the entity is managed
  4. Board Member Roles and Responsibilities - The Board Member Roles and Responsibilities is the “job description” for board members
  5. Board Committee Charters – The Board Committee Charters outline the purpose, scope, and responsibilities of each active committee
  6. Strategic Plan – A Strategic plan outlines a multi-year plan with key focus areas and tactics for achieving mission and purpose
  7. Annual Budget – An Annual Budget is a 12-month budget outlining anticipated revenue and expenses
  8. Annual Operating Plan – The Annual Operating Plan is a 12-month plan based on the strategic plan, outlining goals and activities for the year 
  9. Most Recent Financial Audit – A Financial Audit is an independent review of financial standing for the last completed fiscal year
  10. Most Recent 990 – A 990 is a public tax document for the last completed fiscal year

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