What is a Board Portal?

Everything you need to know

A board portal is board management software that organizes your board. A board portal keeps your board organized, happy, and on task. Easy board portal software simplifies the management of your board by providing a single place to organize your meetings, files, documents, people, and committees. Here’s a quick look at how board management software supports your board.

Before your Meeting

Simple board portals like BoardSpot allow board members and staff members to stay on the same page with up to date meeting agendas, meeting RSVPs and organization member profiles. Individual committees and groups of members have customized permissions to ensure that all members only have access to what they should.

Board management software like BoardSpot makes it possible to connect with board members on whatever device they prefer, rather than through long emails, and quickly out of date emailed files. Board portals also allow meeting organizers to push out meetings directly to members digital calendar, including Google Calendar, Apple iCal, and Microsoft exchange.

During your Meeting

No more printing, reprinting and emailing agendas and important files. Members can easily pull up agendas, documents, and previous meeting minutes on their laptop, iPhone, Android, iPad, or other tablet or mobile phone. The best part is that the documents are always up to date, and changing documents is as simple as a quick upload to the meeting agenda.

Need to track votes? Board Portals like BoardSpot allow board members to securely vote on their devices, and have the votes automatically entered into the meeting record.

After your Meeting

After the meeting, board portals like BoardSpot allow you to quickly upload meeting minutes, track board member attendance, and create attendance reports. Members can easily check back to review previous agendas, votes, and meeting minutes.

Between Meetings

Between board meetings, board portals like BoardSpot let you keep members organized, and let members quickly access important organization information. Simplify onboarding of new board members with quick access to the board portal, and any important onboarding handbooks.